x = now

Dance performance in an acrylic glass cube filled with water
by Angie Hiesl
x = now is a performance acted out in public spaces - in train stations, at traffic crossings, in pedestrian zones, on grassy fields, or in other urban or rural landscapes. The artistic "action" consists of an installation and a performance. The installation is composed of the plexiglas cube filled with water, with four large photographs attached to the inside walls of the cube. The photos first appear to offer a view of the cube's contents and depict people's bodies and faces.
Performances take place at scheduled times of the day, bringing movement to the 3,825 liters of water.

The dance under water creates a dialogue between the performer and the photos. Refracted light which distorts the appearance of the body and displays it in different ways. Peace and quiet under water, lightness and floating as a contrast to the dynamics of the surrounding environment.

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