an interdisciplinary performance project from the cycle URBAN-CITY-URBAN
World Premiere: 1 October 2010, Cologne

The performance project PICK’n’PLACE consists of two independent performance-installations built around two shelving systems, which form the conceptual focus of the project. The shelf units are placed in public space and filled with countless everyday objects.

Shelving systems are storage units. Their aim is to establish order. They can be used to archive or exhibit material, to display collected items, beloved objects or forgotten things. They are also a treasure trove and a place for storing keepsakes and memories. In PICK’n’PLACE, the shelving systems and their surroundings thus become a unique and individual venue for each of the two performers. As they use, empty and arrange the contents of the shelves, they themselves become part of the order or disorder of the system. A microcosm is created, reflecting the systems that underpin social order and our way of life.

Through processes of abstraction, distortion and dismantlement through to self-abandonment, the two performers bring previously hidden things into the public view – revealing and displaying our true inner self. Manic aspects of the ”shelf cosmos” lay bare the excesses of our society.
The performance-installations present personal items, revealing in a subtle and surreal manner the externalisation of our inner selves and showing the interplay between public order and individual liberty.
PICK’n’PLACE is a game about placing and displacing – a shifting of our inner and outer worlds.

PICK’n’PLACE opened the URBAN-CITY-URBAN project cycle.
Over the next three years, Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser will realise the multi-part URBAN-CITY-URBAN project cycle for public urban space. The works deal with urban development and structural changes, with the impact of performance/installation art on public space and vice versa. Artistic forms for dealing with public space and passers-by/the audience are developed. And in the process, new approaches to portraying the human condition, and in particular the human body, in private and public space are explored.

URBAN-CITY-URBAN comprises project modules with different artistic approaches: Performance projects / Improvised interventions / Performance lectures.

The project is conceived as an interdisciplinary work and the performers are selected from the areas of dance, theatre, performance, music and science as well as from other professional and work fields. The projects take place outdoors as site-specific work in public urban space.

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