TWINS - how do I know I am me...

Theater - Dance - Music - Installation
by Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser

A performance that addresses the fascinating and mysterious phenomenon of twin appearances. Seven pairs of identical twins perform. Being an identical twin - who's who? - a baffling interplay of optical illusions and mirroring elements between the everyday and the absurd.

The dramaturgy of the piece focuses on the complexity of this "phenomenon" and interweaves the scenic elements and installations with the unique architecture of the performance location.

Angie Hiesl's selected method of staging a production vacillates between art exhibition and performance. Instead of confronting the audience with an interpretation of a subject, these surrealism-inspired images offer spectators the possibility of continually redefining reality.

World premiere 2001 - Cologne, Deutzer Bridge

video Liverpool 2009

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