From May to September 2014: 12 performances in 4 cities

Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser have been invited to assume the artistic directorship of a cross-border project in the cities of Saarbrücken, Thionville, Luxembourg and Liège in 2014. The result is [in] VISIBLE – [un] SICHTBAR.

The Greater Region encompasses the area between the rivers Rhine, Saar, Moselle and Meuse. Every day 120,000 commuters cross the borders between France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. Although the border regions do not form a political entity, they have strong cultural and economic ties. Since 2007, when the Greater Region was named European Capital of Culture, a number of theatres in the area have been cooperating as part of the TOTAL THEATRE initiative.

Water viewed from the perspective of the Greater Region is the theme of [in] VISIBLE – [un] SICHTBAR and forms the starting point for artistic research: water as the basis for industrial development, water as an element that unites and divides, water in circuits, in visible or invisible pipe systems and particularly in our everyday life in cities.

In their installation and performance project [in] VISIBLE – [un] SICHTBAR, Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser seek signs of water and leave traces of water behind. They examine obvious and hidden meanings and the significance of this vital element in modern, urban life in the Greater Region. They transform public space, alter its rhythm and lend it a watery appearance. In the midst of daily life, they reveal hidden features, sharpen viewers’ awareness of their urban environment, tease out patterns of perception and dislocate reality.

Please take a look at our film documentation on vimeo.

[in] VISIBLE – [un] SICHTBAR is a joint production between:
the Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken (D)
the Nord Est Théâtre in Thionville (F)
the Théâtre de la Place in Liège (B)
the Théâtre National du Luxembourg (L)
and the AGORA Theater in St. Vith (B)

These five theatres belong to the cross-border network „TOTAL THEATRE“ which is supported by the EU as part of the Interreg IVa Greater Region programme.

Thank you to all the organisers and participants!

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