City Intervention from the cycle URBAN-CITY-URBAN
by Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser
DRESSING THE CITY AND MY HEAD IS A SHIRT is the production by performance artists Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser and the second part of URBAN-CITY-URBAN – a project cycle spanning several years. While the opening project PICK’n’PLACE (2010) employed shelving systems and everyday objects as a means of probing the systems that underpin our social order and our way of life, in DRESSING THE CITY AND MY HEAD IS A SHIRT this latest performance project focuses on the relationship between people, clothes and urban space.

Clothes are our second skin, the membrane between our body and the environment. They are the link between our inner and outer worlds and make a public statement. Clothing is a non-verbal means of communication and delivers signals that relate directly to our social role. The issue of clothes and all their associations – whether social, cultural, aesthetic, historic, religious or moral – leads directly to Hiesl and Kaiser’s original form of expression: the provocation of our senses in public space.

Amid the hubbub of daily city life, ten dancers and performers from seven countries will intervene on two distinctive squares in Cologne. In the ensuing dialogue with the local surroundings, their bodies and hundreds of items of all sorts of clothing, bizarre, abstract images emerge. Hovering between fragility and vitality, the actors interlace themselves with their surroundings and install themselves in the public space. Their bodies, the fabric of their clothes and the city architecture can no longer be clearly separated from one another. Familiar patterns of perception cease to apply.

The artistic power of this intimate performance installation lies in the physical limitations and limitlessness, in the playful transposition of reality, and in the transparent “self-enmeshment” of individuals, architecture and daily life.

URBAN-CITY-URBAN comprises project modules with different artistic approaches: Performance projects / Improvised interventions / Performance lectures. The projects are conceived as an inter - disciplinary work. They deal with urban development and structural change and with the effect of performance / installation art on public space and vice versa. The performers are selected from the spheres of dance, theatre, performance, music and science as well as from other professional areas and walks of life. The projects take place outdoors as site-specific work in public urban space.

World premiere 2011- Cologne Ebertplatz and surroundings

Supported by: Stadt Köln, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
Media partner: Choices

Video-Clip - Cologne, Ebertplatz / Germany - 2011

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