ID-clash in Düsseldorf, September 2016

Six performances in the former postal building
Intercultural performance and installation project on trans identity / trans sexuality

The story of success of our intercultural project ID-clash continues: After the successful guest performances in Dhaka/Bangladesh 2015, we now present ID-clash as part of the programme of internationale tanzmesse nrw 2016 as well as at the season's opening 2016/17 of tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf (D).

Male? Female? Other?
Transgender people do not conform to the expectations of the gender role assigned to them at birth. They feel they are in the ”wrong body” and often experience a sense of dislocation.
ID-clash focuses on different concepts for living and stages of transition of transgender persons. Two hijras, representatives of the ”third gender” culture from Bangladesh, encounter with three transgender people from Europe and Latin America.

Thur 1 │ Fri 2 │ Sat 3 September 2016 │at 3:45 pm
Fri 9 │ Sat 10 │ Sun 11 September 2016 │ at 7:00 pm
duration: approx. 105 min
location: former postal building located opposite of the tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf / Erkrather Straße

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