Photo Exhibition in the Kölner Philharmonie in Cologne

Daily life - yet different | Art Interventions - irritating-inspiring
An exhibition by KölnMusik

We are happy to present our artistic work in a slightly different way this automn:
in a photo exhibition in the 'Kölner Philharmonie'.

The volatile nature of the site-specific installation and performance projects has been captured in remarkable pictures - amongst other photographers - especially by Roland Kaiser.
As one of the two artistic directors, he has the perfect inside view on the projects – and this is mirrored in his photographs of the past two decades.

The black-and-white as well as colour photographs in various sizes can be seen in the foyer of the Kölner Philharmonie and, on the basis of selected projects, provide insight into the work from 1983 to 2016.

The photographs are by Roland Kaiser
as well as by Regina Bermes | Gunther Borgmann | C. Victor Dahmen | Volker Derlath | Reni Hansen | Ursula Kaufmann | Sabine Klem | Lionel Magloire | Klaus Noll | Claudia Passow | Stefan Rother | Bernhard Schaub | Michael Scholz | Manfred Wegener | Eusebius Wirdeier.

Duration of the exhibition: October 14 to November 22, 2016
The exhibition can be visited during concert times at midday, in the afternoon or the evening, i.e. daily, except Oct. 24, Nov. 2, 11, 15. The detailed programme of the Philharmonie can be found here.

The admittance is free only during the PhilharmonieLunchs; otherwise, your concert ticket gives access to the exhibition.
PhilharmonieLunchs are concerts free of charge, lasting 30 minutes from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm, e.g. on the following Thursdays: Oct. 27, Nov. 3 and 10, 2016.

Kölner Philharmonie
Bischofsgartenstr. 1 | 50667 Köln
Tel. 0221.20408-0 |

If you wish to visit the exhibition outside the concert times, we kindly ask you to contact us for an individual arrangement.

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