Münster Extra: Film matinée with Angie Hiesl and Yoshie Shibahara

5 May 2013: NRW award winner Angie Hiesl at ‚tanz NRW 13‘ in Münster

On 5 May 2013, the extra programme of the festival tanz NRW 13 will present the award winners for the independent performing arts of the Female Artist Award North Rhine-Westphalia 2012. These are Angie Hiesl and Yoshie Shibahara.

The matinée will start at 11 am with the film documentation of the Angie Hiesl production STILL LIFE – AND SOFTLY SLUMBERS... (film by Basa Vujin-Stein).

Tanz NRW 13 – Münster Extra with Angie Hiesl

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