PART OFF - PICK’n’PLACE in the Gothenburg Culture Night/Kulturnatta Göteborg

Organiser: E=mc² DanceCompany
Date: Friday 14 October 2011
Starts at 7 pm and last 5 hours
Performer: Gerno Bogumil
Venue: Gothenburg, 3:e Vaningen
Hardly had the city intervention DRESSING THE CITY AND MY HEAD IS A SHIRT been successfully completed in Cologne when the invitation to perform PICK’n’PLACE in Gothenburg arrived from the cultural event organiser “3:e Våningen". PICK’n’PLACE, the first part of the URBAN-CITY-URBAN project cycle, spans several years and was premiered in October 2010. All the performance-installations in the URBAN-CITY-URBAN cycle are concerned with urban development and with the effect of performance and installation art on public space and vice versa.

will be performed for the first time indoors as part of the Gothenburg Culture Night. This marks a new departure for Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser because the correlations at the usual interface between public, urban space and the performance will change. In Gothenburg, the venue is semi-public, a hall, a more intimate environment.

PICK’n’PLACE is a performance installation built around shelving systems. The shelves and their surroundings become a unique and individual venue for the performer Gerno Bogumil. As he uses, empties and arranges the items on the shelves, they themselves become part of the order and disorder of the system. A microcosm is created, reflecting the systems that underpin our social order and our way of life. PICK’n’PLACE is a performance game about placing and displacing – a shifting of our inner and outer worlds.

Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser will round off their stay in Gothenburg with a lecture – on 12 October at 2 pm – on their binational production “china-hair-connection” Beijing-Cologne”.

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