Documentary film about china-hair-connection Beijing-Cologne

Interdiciplinary performance project by Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser
filmed in collaboration with Gerrit Busmann

17 May 2009
11am/12noon /1pm/2pm | 5pm until 7pm with introduction + discussion
Angie Hiesl und Roland Kaiser and performers will be present.
Admission free!

Foyer Tanzmuseum Köln, Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Cologne
The screening of the film is part of the festival tanz nrw 09.
china-hair-connection Beijing-Cologne shines a light on facets of Chinese and occidental mundane culture with a special focus on HAIR. From an European point of view, the project sees itself as a cultural rapprochement, during which light is shed on social, historic and individual aspects. This project was realized with nine Chinese and European performers in Cologne and Beijing in public and semi-public spaces in 2008.

The performances in Cologne’s Eigelstein district and in the Caochangdi district of Beijing were filmed, resulting in two 30-minute documentaries that highlight the differing productions in each city.

The project in Cologne was performed in public space in a lively old quarter of Cologne with narrow streets, railway underpasses and “non-spaces”. The performance in China took place in Caochangdi, a district of Beijing that is especially characterized by modern urban structural change. In this suburb, which still has a village feel, private investors and the municipal administration are tearing down traditional alleyways and small shops and erecting new buildings, in particular gallery centers. Structural change in Caochangdi has been so rapid that entire streets have literally changed in appearance overnight and more and more of the village ambience is disappearing. In Beijing, the performers acted out their roles between the shells of buildings and newly completed galleries, on the fringes of public and semi-public space.

Er Gao, Gong Zhonghui, Sun Yue Jie, Yang Yunzhi, Zhang Mengqi, Zhang Wie, Wang
Zhiheng, Gerno Bogumil, Marianne Bettina Ernst, Deborah Gassmann, Snežana Golubovic

Hiesl + Kaiser approach their interdisciplinary, site-specific creations as “sensitive transformers”. Carefully, they seek out the special features of the urban environment and then use what they come across for their artistic interactions. Using performance, theater, dance, installation and sound they lend the phenomena that are seemingly inherent to the environment new dimensions, ranging from subtle and quirky to remarkable and disconcerting.

director of photography Cologne: Gerrit Busmann
directors of photography Beijing Xie Lina, Luo Bing, Zou Xueping
postproduction: Gerrit Busmann

Copyright by Gerrit Busmann, Angie Hiesl, Roland Kaiser  © 2009

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